Is your Smartphone stealing your identity?

Most Americans own a Smartphone. We use Smartphones for everything from posting to social media to email and mobile banking. Some of our most personal and private information is accessed and sometimes stored on our Smartphones. While most Smartphones have added security features to prevent your personal and confidential information from falling into the wrong […]

FTC Targets Student Loan Relief Scams

The Federal Trade Commission, 11 states and the District of Columbia on Friday launched the first coordinated federal and state law enforcement initiativetargeting student loan debt relief scammers, whom the FTC estimates have collected more than $95 million in illegal fees by bilking borrowers. “Winter is coming for debt relief scams that prey on hardworking Americans struggling to […]

What to do now if you’re among 143 million Americans affected by Equifax data breach

The Equifax data breach that potentially affects 143 million U.S. customers, nearly two-thirds of the adult U.S. population, could be quite the mess to clean up. The hackers had access to EFX, -13.48%  data from May until July 2017, which included Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and credit card numbers, among other data. The company detected the breach on […]

Stolen financial data at the center of breaches in April 2017

Lookout tracks breaches related to companies and services that may impact customers with our Breach Report feature. Breach Report looks at the largest companies globally, and reports on those breaches to provide customers the most relevant information. It also provides remediation actions to help keep them safe. Interested in getting Breach Report? Upgrade to Premium […]

Fannie Mae Introduces Innovative Solutions for Borrowers with Student Loan Debt

Fannie Mae Introduces Innovative Solutions for Borrowers with Student Loan Debt Innovations Help Borrowers Pay Down Student Debt and Overcome Debt Related Obstacles When Buying a Home Aleksandrs Rozens 202-752-7916 WASHINGTON, DC – Fannie Mae (FNMA/OTC) announced new policies that will help more borrowers with student debt qualify for a home loan. These innovations address […]